Multi-Technical Hair Bleaching Powder 450g

Multi-Technical Hair Bleaching Powder 450g


• High performance, in order to obtain the better lightening effect in every situation
• High cosmetic power, in order to provide great sheen and softness to the hair
• Perfect texture, ideal to encourage free expression and create perfect shades and fading effects on your hair. The multi-technical bleaching powder is a white powder that includes ammonia and it is suitable for all bleaching techniques, in particular freehand, maintaining the hair’s natural shine and fullness.
• Used by Professional.

How to use:

Mixing: 1:2 with the desired activator until obtaining a creamy consistency.

Application time: up to 40 minutes. Apply on the hair following the technique previously chosen and leave it in place until the desired degree of bleaching has been reached. We recommend visually checking the bleaching process. Never use under a heat source.

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Multi-Technical Hair Bleaching Powder 450g

With INSIGHT, we have always guaranteed the essentiality and purity of our formulas but also the effectiveness and professional performance of our technical products. We have therefore decided to provide a new tool to salons. Our multi-technical hair bleaching powder is the perfect combination of the 3 main characteristics that a bleaching agent must have in order to be chosen and used by professionals.