Anti - Frizz

Frizzy hair generally occurs when the outer layer of hair follicles lifts up.Frizzy hair caused by humidity is different than static-induced frizz that you may experience in winter. Therefore it is recommended to use Natural product which absorbs better instead of Synthetic product

Specific Natural treatment for frizzy, dry and difficult to manage hair. The soothing properties of the natural extracts reduce the frizz effect and deeply moisturize the hair fiber. Formulas created to make your hair perfectly smooth and shiny. This Organic Treatment helps you to repair your hair naturally.


  • Wash hair daily with a natural conditioner but shampoo only a few times each week.
  • Instead of bath towel use microfibre or paper towel to dry your hair
  • Use wide-tooth comb to prevent  breakage and to allow natural oil to move down the hair.
  • Let the hair dry naturally, but if you need to use iron or hair dryer then apply heat protecting products before.

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Showing all 8 results