Our Certification

Certified Lines

We created the Insight SENSITIVE and Insight LENITIVE lines, Cosmos Natural certified by ICEA, to meet the needs of those who suffer from hypersensitive skin and need to preserve their scalp’s health using very gentle yet effective products.
Products formulated for the entire family, dermatologically and nickel tested on sensitive skins to guarantee maximum dermo-compatibility.


ELEY®, has obtained the ISO 9001 (Quality System) and ISO 22716 (GMP – Good manufacturing practice). This certification process has allowed us to increase our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, through a better control of production processes.

ISO 9001

To apply the ISO 9001 regulation within the company means to create an organisational system whose requirements comply with the requirements of the standard. The requirements apply to all business processes, which must be supported by appropriate documentation (quality manual, procedures, work instructions). The goal of an ISO 9001 quality system is to ensure that the product provided by the company complies with the specified requirements. Thus it shows that the company is able to respond in a coherent and thorough manner to the expectations of the customer and will be able to achieve significant improvements in terms of organisational efficiency and product quality by minimising waste, avoiding errors and increasing productivity.

ISO 22716
(GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice)

The UNI EN ISO 22716 regulation defines the guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products with the aim to guarantee to the customer high standards of safety and sanitation.
GMP is therefore a set of rules that describe the methods, equipment, the means of production and management to ensure the appropriate quality standards. They have as their object both the production and the quality control, are applicable to all kind of cosmetic products and take into account all the factors and activities that are relevant for obtaining a cosmetic product.


The entire INSIGHT hair line is VEGAN OK certified, including the INCOLOR colouring line. This standard was established to foster the dissemination of a culture of respect for life and the environment, also in favour of those who are not vegans or vegetarians, so that such values can be a common heritage for all. Therefore, buying a product bearing the VEGAN OK logo on the label, the consumer implicitly receives a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product does not contain animal components and so it did not directly involve exploitation and killing of animals.

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