Hair loss is a physiological process, which can be reduced through preventive actions.

Eley Laboratories have developed an intensive program in two phases, with the aim to reduce and contrast hair loss.




+  Organic Horse Chestnut Extract
+  Fortifying Phytocomplex (Menthol, Guarana Extract, Organic Echinacea Extract)

Description :
It strengthens the capillary bulb, helping to counteract the hair loss.

How to use :
Apply to damp hair, distributing evenly. Rinse thoroughly.



+ Organic Horse Chestnut Extract
+ Fortifying Phytocomplex
(Menthol, Guarana Extract, Organic Echinacea Extract)

Description :
Synergic treatment to help prevent hair loss. It promotes the microcirculation of the scalp.

How to use :
Apply massagging over the scalp after washing with Fortifying Shampoo. Intensive action: use once a day or at least 3 times a week, for at least 2/3 consecutive weeks. Preventive or main- tenance treatment: use once or twice a week for 5/6 consecu- tive weeks. Do not rinse.