Hair care range

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A special mix of ingredients designed to nourish dry and dull hair, without weighing it down. Revitalizing treatments to strengthen the thin and fragile hair penetrating the capillary material and giving elasticity, volume and softness.

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A line of products born to meet the specific needs of the hair exposed both to weather and mechanical stress, pollution and dyes. Contains the Organic Carrot Extract, rich in beta-carotene, which protects the hair from the harmful effects of free radicals.

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For the daily care of every kind of hair, Eley laboratories have developed a line where the nutritional virtues of organic extracts moisturize the hair and make it healthy and obedient to the touch. Delicate formulations that improve combing and ensure shine from roots to ends.

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Specific treatment for frizzy, dry and difficult to manage hair. The soothing properties of the natural extracts reduce the frizz effect and deeply moisturize the hair fiber. Formulas created to make your hair perfectly smooth and shiny.

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Harsh chemical treatments, colors, seasonal changes and elevated temperatures are factors that can damage the hair, leaving it brittle, dry, dull and lifeless. To restore their shine and vitality, Eley laboratories have created a specific line of intensive restorative treatments.

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This line brightens and enhances the color, revitalizing the hair. Thanks to its formula rich of extracts and natural oils, it protects the hair while preserving the brightness of color, which lasts longer and is more resistant to washing.

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We have created the Cosmos Natural certified INSIGHT SENSITIVE line for all those who suffer from hypersensitive skin or who simply need to keep their scalp healthy using gentle yet effective products. Three products formulated for the entire family (including children), dermatologically and nickel tested to guarantee maximum gentleness and skin-friendliness.

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The needs of fine hair: to give body, texture and volume to hair. To meet these needs we devised a line that can enhance even the thinnest hair.

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In spite of being protected by the hair, sometimes the scalp can appear reddened. There can be many possible causes underlying this condition: incorrect diet choices, skin diseases, allergies or situations of heavy stress. The result can be the thinning and loss of hair and, in general, less healthy looking hair.
To eliminate the skin inflammation that causes the redness, it is essential to use suitable products with a soothing, calming function, like those of the INSIGHT LENITIVE line.

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Professional permanent system for obtaining perfect curls. Its formula, based on cysteamine, contains no free ammonia or thioglycolates and it is enriched with naturally derived active ingredients, such as the Aminoacidic Complex, which helps protect and nourish the hair during the technical service. Hair becomes elastic and shiny, with regular, long-lasting waves from roots to tips. It does not alter the hair’s natural pH or require sources of heat.

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