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Winter Hair Care | hair tips for hair healthy

Start the season off right by cleaning up your wash day routine. Let go of harsh, dirty formulas and make room for our organic ranges – all customised for different hair concerns with natural ingredients for clean and fresh results. During the cooler months, the heating is on and we’re more inclined to use the hairdryer to dry our hair. Outside the air is cool, and it can be wet and windy. Combine these blasts of heat, and icy climes, and winter can really play havoc with your hair. Dry wet hair before going out to prevent hair from breaking. When things freeze, they expand, and your hair is no different. When you go outside with wet hair the cuticles swell, lift and become less flexible. To make sure you’re always having a #GoodHairDay, we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your hair healthy this time of year.

1. Shampoo Less Often

Over-washing your hair with shampoo can leave it weak and brittle because you are stripping your hair of its natural oils. This leads to your scalp going into oil production overload trying to replenish the oil that was stripped away thanks to sulfates in shampoo. The good news is you can actually train your hair to be less greasy. As you extend the time between washes, your hair will gradually produce less and less oil as you are no longer stripping your strands of the natural and essential oils your scalp produces. Make it your mission to find the mildest shampoos such as INSIGHT DAILY USE  that’ll clean your hair without drying it out, and this sulfate-free shampoo will generally clean the hair just as effectively as those that contain sulfates.

2. Choose natural haircare Shampoo & Conditioner

A change in weather calls for a change to your shampoo and conditioner. In winter opt for a shampoo and conditioner designed to keep your hair hydrated. Choose gentle, hydrating products that include natural organic ingredients. When it comes to picking the right INSIGHT hair care, you will find there are different formulations not just for hair type, but also for the different hair concerns. As such, you can find a Shampoo & Conditioner according to the level of damage or type of hair concern. INSIGHT has an extensive range of Shampoo / Conditioner formulations to match your hair care needs, to help you create your own daily ritual of healthy living for self-care. They’re also vegan and sulphate-free, parabens-free, allergens-free, silicones-free & synthetic colourants-free.

3. Use soft towel to dry hair

After washing gently squeeze excess water from hair, then blot dry hair with a towel rather than rubbing it and avoid twisting water out of your hair as this can also lead to breakage. When your hair is still damp reach for INSIGHT Styling oil NON OIL or liqiud crystals and distribute through your strands, —this will help to keep the frizz at bay! Use a soft towel to dry hair, the softer the towel the gentler it is on your hair, keeping hair cuticles flat rather than roughing them up. If you need to blow dry your hair, when you dry your hair, put it on the cool setting & hold-distance it away to protect hair. That mysterious COOL Shot Button on your hairdryer helps seal the hair cuticle, setting the final look for long-lasting hold and adds shine. When your hair is about 80 percent dry, switch over to the cool shot. Cool shot is also great to lock in curls and to get more volume at the crown.

4. Moisturise hair weekly with a Hair Mask

Applying a hair mask once a week can improve your hair texture drastically. Healthy and moisturised hair is less likely to knot and tangle, so along with regular conditioning, try a weekly hair mask or deep conditioning. Hair masks will hydrate and smooth your dry cuticles, leaving your locks silky and soft. Some of the most effective ingredients that can transform your hair texture within a few weeks by using organic ingredients formulated with rich organic extracts and natural oils. We recommend to apply INSIGHT Protective Mask to wet hair, distributing evenly and leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly & drink plenty of water

Whether you have long or short hair, winter can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. Ensure you are visiting your salon to get regular trims, as this will reduce the risk of split ends and get your hair through winter looking its optimal best. Hydration starts from within, so be sure to drink plenty of water during winter to help keep your hair and scalp healthy, and to prevent dryness, itching and flakiness. 

With these simple steps during the cooler months you can keep your hair smooth and hydrated. For more advice visit INSIGHTprofessional for expert advice.