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How to take Care of your Hair – Summer Hair Care

While Summer is known for being a season of carefree fun in the sun, did you know that it can also be the most damaging season for our hair? Those long days basking in the summer sunlight and taking dips in the pool or the ocean can dry out your hair, leaving it looking limp, lackluster, and lifeless. Keep your hair happy and healthy all Summer long using these natural, chemical-free methods.

1. Cover Up!
The sun is known for its harsh UVA and UVB rays that can do a number on our skin—causing everything from dryness and signs of skin aging to sunburns and skin cancer. But the effects of the sun’s rays don’t end at our epidermis. Fact is sunlight—as warm and inviting as it may seem—can do a number on our hair. To protect your hair from fading and drying out due to the sun you’ll want to keep them protected all season long. Wear a fashionable floppy hat or a stunning silk scarf. The fact is you have to protect your hair the same way you’d protect your skin from the sun if you want it to look its best. A hat reduces damage caused by wind, especially if your hair is prone to tangling, and protects colour-treated hair.

2. Put your hair up in loose, comfortable styles
A messy braid is ideal for keeping your hair under control and minimising exposure to the sun. Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear hair, especially if your hair is dry from the summer heat. Overly tight hairstyles—ponytails, braids, buns, and the like—can pull on our strands and cause breakage. During the summer months when our hair is extra fragile from the heat, take care to style your hair into loose knots and braids and steer clear of plastic elastics which can do further damage, opting instead for soft hair ties or bobby pins.

3. Wash less often
Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more. Sweat and summer go hand-in-hand but washing your hair frequently to get rid of the grease isn’t doing it any favours. Try just rinsing in the shower after a day at the beach or pool, and see if that gets rid of some extra oil. In place of regular shampoo, try INSIGHT Antioxidant Rejuvenating Mask, apply to wet hair, distributing evenly. Leave on 5/10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, this natural product protects the hair from external aggressions.

4. Reduce the heat
Try to blow-dry your hair as little as possible. It is already exposed to a significant amount of heat on a daily basis in the summer, and it will probably air-dry quickly anyways, so give the blow dryer a break and go natural if you can. Avoid flat-irons, too, as they will do further damage to already-dry hair. Save the hot tools for special occasions and embrace your hair’s natural texture on a day-to-day basis. Try a hair oil enriched with Organic Ginkgo and Organic Aloe Extract to discipline frizz without heat for an effortlessly smooth undone style. When your hair is still damp reach for INSIGHT Styling oil NON OIL or liqiud crystals and distribute through your strands, —this will help to keep the frizz at bay! Then either air dry loose or style in a braid for a more controlled texture once your hair has dried.

5. Protect your Hair with Organic hair treatments
There are shampoos that contain UV protection, but most of those are chemical-laden, conventional shampoos that I’d recommend avoiding. One quick way to add some protection to your hair is try using a hair Shampoo & Conditioner that helps protect your hair from mechanical stress, pollution and dyes. Try INSIGHT Rejuvenating Shampoo / Conditioner which contains + Organic Carrot Extract to perform an antioxidant action against the harmful effects of free radicals.
The chlorine in swimming pools and the salt in the ocean are both incredibly drying—and can even strip color-treated hair of its hue. Since our dry hair is very porous and is always seeking moisture, when we dive right in with dry hair, our strands absorb these drying waters. Before taking the plunge, wet your hair with fresh water—or better yet, apply an organic oil spray for added protection. Try INSIGHT Protective Hair Spray on the hair before and during the exposure to sunlight. This product protects the hair from the harmful effects of free radicals thanks to the natural ingredients + Organic Coconut Oil + Hazelnut and jojoba Oils, and shields  your hair against weather conditions, sun rays, chlorine & sea salt.

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Professional Hair Care 2018: The most relevant Trends this year

Natural Hair Care

Professional Hair Care Trends 2018

What is the best way to get prepared for a professional hair care session?

In case of a blow dry, the most important thing to consider is a pre-blow heat protector. The Insight Hair Repair Serum seals and protects the hair from heat sources and humidity. Packed with rosehip oil and organic extracts of mallow, athea, and calendula, this serum is highly recommended for all beauty cabinets around Australia!
In order to add glow post-blow, the best option is to finish with the Styling Fluid Gel to define hair, leaving it shiny and soft.). Due to its natural ingredients of date and goji organic extract, this product is easily taken in by the hair, creating a soft, natural feel, leaving hair instantly silky and shiny.

A popular option is the Insight Protective spray, defends the hair from harsh weather conditions and tames fly away strands.

It is suggested to get combed with a detangling hairbrush, which allows hair to be straightened; avoiding any potential damage, as well as letting styling be performed with ease.

What’s the worst mistake made by women when blow drying their hair at home?

By far the worst home blow drying mistake is definitely related to the unnecessary motion applied to the hair dryer around the head, which ends up causing too much frizz. Please make certain that the hair dryer is moved in the direction you want your hair to be dried at all times. Doing so will keep the cuticle smoothed as well as avoid frizz.

What hairstyles are becoming trends in 2018?

The latest fashion trends indicate that this year long hair has come to stay!. Long layered locks look amazing and It’s even been noticed that most celebs are adding extra-long extensions for the plus length effect.

How to keep your hair healthy when undergoing regular heat styling?

It is highly recommended to constantly use a proper heat protector such as Schwarzkopf OSiS + Flatliner Heat Protection Spray to be used before styling. This heat protector will shield your strands from any potential damage.

Which natural hair care products should we all use?

Even though natural hair care products in Australia adjust to each one’s particular hair needs, there are products for everyone:

Professional Hair Care Australia - Insight Professional

– A Cleansing Energising Shampoo like INsight daily use shampoo. Due to its delicate formula, this is suitable for frequent use. It restores the vitality of the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, while still maintains the natural moisture balance of the hair, giving maximum brightness and brilliance.

– A conditioner is a must. The INsight Nourishing conditioner is a Salon professional favourite. It contains organic oat extract and a nourishing complex of coconut oil, Illipe butter and sweet almond oil, designed to naturally nourish and repair dry hair – all of which will definitely make you outstand among your friends!

– Treatments are absolutely fundamental. Hair care professionals should educate their clients to use a treatment every 5 weeks at least. It is as well highly recommended to use a mask instead of a conditioner in order to step up your nourishment game. We recommend the Insight Post Chemistry Neutralizing Mask to improve the elasticity and shine of the hair. Be sure to consult your stylist about your hair type and which product is most suited to your hair.

– Dry shampoo is a fantastic product. Simply tip your head upside down and spray through roots and shake out adding texture and volume in an instant. Dry shampoo caters for all hair colours and types. We recommend the Macadamia Natural Oil Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Find the best organic hair treatments in an Australian salon near you!.