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Professional Hair Care: The real worth behind it

What is Professional Hair Care?

There are many moments throughout the day where I contemplate ways in which I can improve the hairdressing industry, increase efficiency as well as maximise productivity. Here are my thoughts…

When creating amazing styles on your client’s hair we have to remember our basic hair fundamentals:

  • Can it be achieved?
  • How long will it take?
  • Do I have enough time?
  • Is it cost effective for you and your client?

After a consultation with a client, we must always consider these questions and balance our whether or not this style is realistic. We have to always remember these basic tips so that we can achieve the results 100% of the time, otherwise, both you and your client may end up disappointed.

If you’ve been hairdressing for more than 5 days, you’ve probably already had a level 2 box dyed client that walks in and asks for platinum hair, PRONTO. This is obviously not completely impossible. Well, the pronto part is but that’s beside the point. So, it’s not impossible however this would take more than just that 1 sitting all the stripping and bleaching may compromise the condition of the hair.

Tick Tock

Time management is a huge aspect of hairdressing. You need to ensure that you will have ample time to complete what needs to be done so that a) you don’t need to rush your client and b) you don’t eat into the slot of your next allocated client.

How Much?!

Cost effectiveness is when you and your client are happy with your price points. As hairdressers, we need to remember that in our industry, we shouldn’t base our competitiveness solely on the prices of our services. It’s not just about the money. It’s about our service, our skills I was asked once for a price match on a full head foils, cut, treatment and blow dry on long hair for $90 bucks my response was this: “I have been hairdressing for 22 years and your telling me that you want to pay $90 for a service that I can tell you now that those hairdressers will have 3 years and under experience to do your hair! Which is fine no judgment we all start somewhere, but you don’t want them cause they didn’t do a good enough job, and you know I’ll take care of you and do a great job cause I give a shit about your beautiful hair, uh BUT you don’t want to pay? Tell me how on earth that works! Is that all you think I’m worth all the course that I do all the time I spend perfecting what I am not to mention the money I spend to do this and the money I spend getting only the best products and after all this is that’s all I’m worth wow!

Let’s be honest here

Tell your clients the truth if they value your work they won’t mind!
What I mean by this is simple. When you are working on your hair sometimes you may need to rest your hair for a couple of days and treat it using only the best hair care products as you understand what you’re putting your hair through and need because you want your hair to gather strength and work better so it optimal, most hairdresser have the best hair and this is why!!

You have a question?

So my question here is this why don’t we pass this on to our clients? It’s not a secret that your hair needs to be cared for. Are we too scared to tell our customers the truth or is it that you don’t want to lose your customers to the salon next door or maybe your just winging it and are really not sure what is going to happen once you touch their hair.

Truth is, if we all got together as one community and told our customers the truth may be our clients wouldn’t expect to look like a Kardashian for 50 bucks or less!

And I leave you with this, never bad mouth another hairdresser because one day it could be you!

Ciao for now.
The Hairdresser