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Professional Hair Care in Australia: How to recover your hair after a few days at the beach?

Repair your hair in short time with the proper Professional Hair Care

Exposing your hair to the sun, salt water and sand can leave hair feeling dry and brittle. Also, dying or excessive use of heat styling products can damage the hair.

High PH levels can cause normal and dry hair to lose its brightness, consistency and elasticity.

Salt crystals, present in 80% of seawater, concentrate and magnify the sun’s rays on your hair causing a lot of damage.

For its part, chlorine binds to the hair follicle, removing the natural oils that protect and nourish it.

Not to mention the sand, which although it is not such a component of seawater, it is part of what remains as waste in your hair. The moment you unravel or manipulate it you can cause it to break as the weight of the sand is accumulated in it.

After spending a few days on the beach, you should use the Damaged Hair Restructurizing Mask.

The objective of this hair therapy is to recover and rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by harsh conditions.

Do not forget

All of your beauty routines should be accompanied by a healthy diet, which includes foods or supplements rich in B vitamins, B-12 and C that will protect your hair from the inside.

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