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Pink Hair Don’t Care? Oh No, We Care!


Shades of cool pink or widely known as Rosè hair are more popular than ever and has dominated Instagram feeds worldwide. From top salons to celebs rocking pink hair on red carpets, the trend is here for the long haul and you’ll see it on everyone very soon.

Like any bright hair colour, the after care is essential to maintain the vibrant shade and also maintain the health and shine of the hair. That’s why, Insight Australia have formulated the Neutralising Mask to help maintain a long-lasting beautiful colour, all while ensuring the protection and wellness of the hair. 

Thanks to the organic extracts, not only does the mask protect the hair but also helps to slow down the oxidation process after the colouring session, prolonging the duration of the colour. 

For best results, apply the mask to wet hair, distributing evenly & rinse thoroughly after 10 mins. 


For those who want to change their look or revive their reflections, INCOLOR offers Enhancing Direct Pigments,  a new easy-to-apply formulation in gel form.


It intensifies the hair’s natural colour and accentuates cosmetic colour, tones highlights and let’s you create vibrant fashionable reflections. 

Check your nearest salon today! 

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