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Natural Hair Care: Nourishing Home Remedies

Natural hair care products for your hair that you can find in your pantry

Eggs, yogurt and honey are often considered food to include in a good breakfast but they are also natural products for the hair and are quite beneficial, and best of all is that there are dozens of these products which will help us to nourish and protect hair.

Eggs, an excellent choice for all types of hair

Raw eggs naturally and also contains enzymes which eliminate all kinds of bacteria, also help prevent excess fat in the hair.
Raw eggs naturally hydrate and contain enzymes which eliminate all kinds of bacteria, to prevent excess fat in the hair.

Yogurt to treat your dry hair

Paraben, allergens and colorants in hair products can damage your hair, causing it to loose its shine. Products such as yoghurt are able to reverse the damage caused by chemical based hair products and air pollution.

Lemon and olive oil for an irritable scalp and with dandruff

Try applying a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to the hair. The acidity in the lemon juice helps to eliminate the dandruff of the scalp and other things like dry skin while the olive oil helps to hydrate the skin.

Honey for dry or damaged by the sun

Dry and damaged hair can be caused by exposure to the sun, chemicals, pollution and heat damage. Honey is a natural moisturiser and will lock in the moisture in your hair.

Insight products are here to help you tackle all your hair problems one organic extract at a time. All our products are colorants, paraben, allergen and petrolatum free. We aim to safeguard the health and shine of your hair through a selection of raw materials, while ensuring the absolute perfection of styling and a professional know-how. Check your nearest salon for our range of Insight products.

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