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Hair Colour: Taking care of dyed hair the right way

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Hair Colour in Sydney: Natural Hair Care is the best choice

Do you know how to take care of dyed hair?

Most men and women dye their hair to cover grey hair or to change up their look.
Dying your hair requires a series of additional care. You will have to frequently visit your hairdresser or touch up at home to maintain the colour. In addition, you’ll notice that the dyed hair is usually drier and more likely to become entangled.

Do you want the colour to last longer and your hair to remain healthy and shiny after the dye?

Experts recommend that after dyeing your hair it is essential to choose a specific shampoo for dyed hair, which will provide hydration, brightness and intensify the colour.

Conditioner or hair mask?

Professional stylists recommend alternating both products. The use of conditioning cream is mandatory to close the hair cuticle well and to better reflect the light by enhancing the brightness and enhancing the colour. You can apply hair masks for dyed hair that will enhance the colour.

Any hairdresser trick to take care of dyed hair?

In addition to using a specific shampoo for coloured hair, once a week or every ten days, it is advisable to wash it with a coloured hair protective shampoo according to your tone This way you will get a more intense brightness.

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Is there any specific treatment recommended in the hairdressing salon?

Professional stylists agree that hydration is essential to maintain color. We Recommended to use a protective mask, apply to wet hair, distributing evenly. Leave on 5 / 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Retouching the color is not advisable to dye before 6-8 weeks. And if what you want is a radical color change, for example a platinum blond and your base is very dark, experts recommend doing it gradually.

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