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Self Care GIFT Ideas that Every Mum Needs!

Mums have always done it all. That’s why trying to pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be extra tough every year. What can you gift to someone who deserves so much more than a day, more than just a greeting card, someone who deserves the world? Talk about pressure!

One of the best things that you can give mums on their special day is a bit of time for self care – give the mums in your life the power to treat themselves. Yes, we’re talking about self-care products.

Here at INSIGHT we’re all about taking some time out for yourself. Whether you want to help your mum splash out on a day of self-pampering or you’re looking for something that’ll make her day – to day a little more luxe. We’ve got you covered with our top-notch picks to help mum take a real break and care for their hair using powerful certified organic ingredients – and taking care of their skin with some luxe skincare products to give her a luxury experience she deserves.

1.) Choose something you already know she loves.

You can’t go wrong when you buy something you know she’d choose for herself, such as her favourite hair or skin care product or loves anything organic.

2.) What has mum been missing lately?

Give mum the power to treat themselves. Yes we’re talking about self-care products. Create your own gift pack. Put together her favourite organic haircare products, and skin care range – add a bow and your done!

3.) A good-gift should be both beautiful and practical.

Check out our INSIGHT website for beneficial hair & skin products that will prove to be very useful in her day to day life. From various hair type ranges to our skin care collection; these beauty products are perfect for Mum’s-on -the-go.

4.) Give her time to herself.

Finding time to get glamorous when you have kids can be a challenge. Sometimes a real shower to wash her hair isn’t even in the cards. But because we firmly believe beauty makes you feel good on the inside, it’s worth finding ways to get the job done against all odds. From overnight treatments to do-it-all products, we have a wide selection of hair & beauty products to choose from. A great one is to give mum a day off. Do the laundry, dishes, mop the floors, cook dinner, and let her relax with a wine, face mask, hair treatment, good book and her feet up!

5.) Deliver a gift from the heart.

Make it personal and include a little bit of yourself. Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that mean the most. You’re never to old to create a piece of art, handmade card or letter that tells mum how you feel about her. Perhaps share a collection of old photos that bring back happy memories or new photos of your children are always wonderfully heartfelt and treasured.

Give mum something that will help her to have beautiful glowing skin along with healthy shiny hair & an experience that she will remember long after the box of chocolates and flowers.

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We’re excited to Announce our upcoming Event!⁠

INSIGHT proudly presents “ORGANIC MASTER CLASS” an informative & hands on Seminar to provide imparting knowledge in the field of fashion & hair, which will be held at Unit 11/5 Lyn Parade Prestons | 30th September 2019 | 5.30pm with industry experts;⁠⠀

➡️ LIZZIE LIROS @hairstylist_lizzieliros … HAIR STYLIST – Australia’s #1 Bridal Educator
➡️ HAIR BY ANDI @hairbyandi__ … HAIR STYLIST – Modern vs Classic Styling Techniques
➡️ TORI-LEE @torilee_hairnmakeup … HAIR ARTIST – Creative Colour & Hair Care Solutions

You do not want to miss out on this MASTER CLASS – live sessions with Australia’s leading hair experts to showcase & share their creative skills & hair secrets!⁠ Golden opportunity to learn so much & take your salon to the next level!

Unleash your Creativity & Challenge you Abilities!⁠⠀
This year’s EXCLUSIVE event is loaded with sessions featuring;⁠⠀

Be sure to reserve your seats early – it will be an incredible event. We can’t wait to see you all at this awesome event!⠀

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5 Reasons You Should Switch To Insight

The organic revolution has hit our shores and is here to stay. Over the last decade, more people are making a lifestyle shift and switching to an all natural hair care. Here at Insight Australia, nature is our number one source of inspiration and we aim to safeguard the health and shine of hair through a selection of raw materials. All our products are tailored for all hair types to create your own beauty regime.

Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to Insight today:

  1. 100% Made In Italy: The quality of our product is guaranteed beginning from the laboratory until the final delivery, in over 20 countries worldwide. A value that is a sign of distinction, perfection and style.
  2. Allergen Free Fragrances: We chose to use only fragrances without allergens, to let our treatments be more gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
  3. Colourant Free: All Insight products are colourant free
  4. Silicon Free: A common ingredient, silicones over time can damage the hair structure. That’s why, wherever possible, silicon has been removed from our formulations
  5. Phyto and Organic Extracts: A blend of oils and butter of natural origin work in synergy with these extracts, increasing nourishment of hair.

Each of us has own identity, uniqueness, preferences and hair. This is the reason why we have created for you a complete system in which you can choose your right combination. What’s your combo?

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What is sunflower oil?

Natural Organic Hair Care

An active ingredient in Insight products, sunflower oil is packed with essential nutrients to prevent & control acne, scarring, redness and skin irritation. Below are four benefits of sunflower oil:


  1. Prevents Premature ageing: Sun damage & exposure to harsh chemicals can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Continuous use of, sunflower Oil contains Vitamin E that protects the collagen and elasticity of the skin.
  2. Fights Acne: Oil, sweat, impurities and the excessive production of sebum leads to acne. To prevent further acne, sunflower oil offers the required fatty acids to nourish and protect the skin and control the production of sebum.
  3. Prevents Sun Damage: Acting as a protective shield, sunflower can reverse the effects of sunlight damage.
  4. Prevents Infections: Packed with fatty acids, sunflower oil has proven to be effective in eliminating skin infections. Also, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties


Try the Insight Skin Regenerating Body Oil from the Skin Care Range!

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Beauty and hair: Amazing beauty tricks for your hair

Beauty and Hair Amazing Tricks

Great results with natural products

Do you want to always have a great, healthy and well-groomed hair? There are wonderful beauty tricks for your hair that will offer you great results. By means of simple homemade ingredients, you will always get what you are looking for. We’ll show you how!

Parsley for a shiny hair

Surprised? It seems strange, but many shampoos and hair creams contain parsley to restore hair, it treats and rejuvenates it to give it a great shine.Parsley is great for freshly dyed hair to restore and lock in moisture.

How do we prepare it?

Boil a glass and a half of water, and add five sprigs of parsley. Adding a sprig of rosemary can intensify the effect. Once boiled, let the water cool. Pour over this mixture on damp hair and massage through for 15 minutes. Wash hair.

Beauty and hair in Australia - Parsley - Insight Professional

Nettle and vinegar for dandruff

Do you suffer from dandruff every day of the year? Try using nettle and apple cider vinegar.Heat a cup of water, add in three nettles and let it boil. Add a half a cup of apple cider vinegar, mix well and apply it to damp hair. Rinse hair with warm water.

Beauty and hair in Australia - Nettle and Vinegar - Insight Professional

Almond oil for your split ends

Almond oil restores, cares, protects and tones the structure of your hair. You will find almond oil in stores where they sell natural products and health stores. Once the hair is washed, put about four drops in your hands and massage the ends of your hair. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse.

Beauty and hair in Australia - Almond Oil - Insight Professional

Avocado and honey for dry hair

Do you usually have hair that is dry? Then follow this simple treatment two days a week: take the flesh of half an avocado and two tablespoons of honey and mix well. I When the hair is wet, apply this mask for 15 minutes, on wet hair. Rinse with warm water.

Beauty and hair in Australia - Avocado and Honey - Insight Professional

It never hurts to seek the help of a professional. If you need assistance, find a salon near you.

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Beauty and Hair: Bad habits that are messing up your hair faster

Natural Hair Care

The experts tell us what you should avoid if you want a clean and perfect hair for longer

We always ask ourselves: how does my hair get greasy so fast? Experts explain to us what the reasons could be and, fundamentally, how to avoid them.

You wash your hair too much

According to experts, it is important to know that: “The process of developing greasy hair depends on each person’s, type, scalp and many other factors. However, it is recommended to use high-quality natural products that will nourish and strengthen the hair (such as argan oil, proteins, avocado, and lemon). The vitamins and antioxidants that you will find in these ingredients will help restore the hair and prevent dryness.

In addition to avoiding excessive hair washing, it is a good alternative to use a magic product that solves the problem for many women: Insight Rebalancing Sebum Control Shampoo, a product that is always an excellent solution to prolong washing in situations where It is impossible to do so, either due to lack of time or other factors. This shampoo absorbs the excess grease and leaves the hair clean and fresh, without any trace of dirt. There is also a detail that has been observed and is that many women go to bed with wet hair, which is not recommended. Hair loss can be linked to brushing the hair excessively when it is wet or damp. It is recommended to dry your hair thoroughly and brush it before going to sleep.

You are not using the right Shampoo

Experts say that the most important thing to avoid getting your hair damaged is to use a shampoo appropriate to your texture. Many times it is discovered that many mistakes are made with the type of shampoo that people choose. If your hair is with a fat tendency (it does not matter if it is thin or thick, smooth or curly, natural or dyed) you should use a shampoo as light as possible, neutral that does not provide nutrients that are not needed at the root.and then hydrate with a light conditioner. It seems basic but it is a very common mistake. In addition, it is recommended to wash it with not very hot water, dry it head down to get more volume and, in general, not give much heat directly to the root. If it is necessary to straighten or iron the hair, making sure not to overwork the root so as not to overload it. It is also important to avoid touching it in excess, especially the hair around the face and bangs. If possible, while studying or working, hold the hair with tweezers to avoid touching it.

You spend too much time indoors

Spending time in indoors or in a polluted environment can build up dirt in hair. Daily contact with our hands with hair can cause excess oil since in our hands we have millions of bacteria that move from one side to another and can be the cause of damage.

You wear hats too often

Prolonged use of hats builds up grease and dirt. Also, washing your hair in hot water dilates the pores and increases the production of sebaceous. Similarly, the frequent use of heat tools (dryers and irons) also, dries hair and removes its natural protection causing it to get greasy before.

You use silicon-based products

Silicon in conditioners, shampoos, serums, leaves residue that build up in the hair leaving it damaged and heavier.

You should always consider looking for organic treatments to give your hair some tender loving care, such as natural hair care home remedies. Your hair will get in much better shape right away. Bear in mind that there’s always the option of visiting a professional salon near you.

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Beauty and hair: Sydney, this one’s for you!

Loving beauty & hair styling products and why it is so important that we want it for our clients

Let’s get back to basic

An old-school hairdresser once told me why is okay to work hard at getting your hair amazing but it’s not okay to do the same by your client.
We always think that our boss wants us to sell sell sell to our clients to make as much money as possible is this true? You be the judge.

In my younger years I admit I thought the same until one day my boss said to me “what shampoos and styling ranges do you have in your bathroom cupboard?” and I told him Redken shampoo and conditioner, a series of treatments and moisturizers from L’Oréal and Goldwell.
Then he opened up this bag and handed me a bottle of Pantene and said here take this and put it in your hair, I just stared at him like he grew two heads and thought this man is dead set crazy! Then, like a lightbulb went off, I realized what he was saying to me, why is okay for your clients to use below average products but it’s not okay for you.

Well simply put, it is NOT okay for my clients, especially if I am doing chemical services on their beauty and hair.

So let me say this to you: If I put a bottle of Pantene in your hands and told you to use it, would you?

Ciao for now.
The Hairdresser