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Beauty and hair: Sydney, this one’s for you!

Loving beauty & hair styling products and why it is so important that we want it for our clients

Let’s get back to basic

An old-school hairdresser once told me why is okay to work hard at getting your hair amazing but it’s not okay to do the same by your client.
We always think that our boss wants us to sell sell sell to our clients to make as much money as possible is this true? You be the judge.

In my younger years I admit I thought the same until one day my boss said to me “what shampoos and styling ranges do you have in your bathroom cupboard?” and I told him Redken shampoo and conditioner, a series of treatments and moisturizers from L’Oréal and Goldwell.
Then he opened up this bag and handed me a bottle of Pantene and said here take this and put it in your hair, I just stared at him like he grew two heads and thought this man is dead set crazy! Then, like a lightbulb went off, I realized what he was saying to me, why is okay for your clients to use below average products but it’s not okay for you.

Well simply put, it is NOT okay for my clients, especially if I am doing chemical services on their beauty and hair.

So let me say this to you: If I put a bottle of Pantene in your hands and told you to use it, would you?

Ciao for now.
The Hairdresser

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