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Beauty and Hair: Bad habits that are messing up your hair faster

Natural Hair Care

The experts tell us what you should avoid if you want a clean and perfect hair for longer

We always ask ourselves: how does my hair get greasy so fast? Experts explain to us what the reasons could be and, fundamentally, how to avoid them.

You wash your hair too much

According to experts, it is important to know that: “The process of developing greasy hair depends on each person’s, type, scalp and many other factors. However, it is recommended to use high-quality natural products that will nourish and strengthen the hair (such as argan oil, proteins, avocado, and lemon). The vitamins and antioxidants that you will find in these ingredients will help restore the hair and prevent dryness.

In addition to avoiding excessive hair washing, it is a good alternative to use a magic product that solves the problem for many women: Insight Rebalancing Sebum Control Shampoo, a product that is always an excellent solution to prolong washing in situations where It is impossible to do so, either due to lack of time or other factors. This shampoo absorbs the excess grease and leaves the hair clean and fresh, without any trace of dirt. There is also a detail that has been observed and is that many women go to bed with wet hair, which is not recommended. Hair loss can be linked to brushing the hair excessively when it is wet or damp. It is recommended to dry your hair thoroughly and brush it before going to sleep.

You are not using the right Shampoo

Experts say that the most important thing to avoid getting your hair damaged is to use a shampoo appropriate to your texture. Many times it is discovered that many mistakes are made with the type of shampoo that people choose. If your hair is with a fat tendency (it does not matter if it is thin or thick, smooth or curly, natural or dyed) you should use a shampoo as light as possible, neutral that does not provide nutrients that are not needed at the root.and then hydrate with a light conditioner. It seems basic but it is a very common mistake. In addition, it is recommended to wash it with not very hot water, dry it head down to get more volume and, in general, not give much heat directly to the root. If it is necessary to straighten or iron the hair, making sure not to overwork the root so as not to overload it. It is also important to avoid touching it in excess, especially the hair around the face and bangs. If possible, while studying or working, hold the hair with tweezers to avoid touching it.

You spend too much time indoors

Spending time in indoors or in a polluted environment can build up dirt in hair. Daily contact with our hands with hair can cause excess oil since in our hands we have millions of bacteria that move from one side to another and can be the cause of damage.

You wear hats too often

Prolonged use of hats builds up grease and dirt. Also, washing your hair in hot water dilates the pores and increases the production of sebaceous. Similarly, the frequent use of heat tools (dryers and irons) also, dries hair and removes its natural protection causing it to get greasy before.

You use silicon-based products

Silicon in conditioners, shampoos, serums, leaves residue that build up in the hair leaving it damaged and heavier.

You should always consider looking for organic treatments to give your hair some tender loving care, such as natural hair care home remedies. Your hair will get in much better shape right away. Bear in mind that there’s always the option of visiting a professional salon near you.

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